Andrew has asked all members of the SGI and ALS groups to rename their workstations to match the current standard.  You may find that this action causes some problems the next time you try to open projects in Team Foundation Server (TFS).  Fortunately TFS provides a command  to rename your work space from the command prompt:

tf workspaces /updateComputerName:?OLDNAME /s:http://?TFSSERVERNAME:8080/tfs/?COLLECTION/

Just replace the items starting with  “?” with the values that match your situation (the ? is not part of the final syntax and nothing is in quotes).  You will have to run the command separately for each collection you use.

About tim.edlund

Tim Edlund founded Softworks Group Inc. in 1990. As CEO, Tim is responsible for setting strategy and leading product R&D. Tim has maintained expertise in database technologies and is an Agile methodology evangelist. He also enjoys staying fit , skiing and trying to survive parenting teenagers.

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